Meta Drops Prices For the quest Pro and Wuest 2 Headset

The 2022 price hike for VR headset packages was devastating, to say the least. However, Meta recently slashed the prices by a margin of 500 dollars. Now, you can grab the Quest Pro headset for 1000 dollars instead of the launch price (which was around 1500 dollars). 

This price change affected the Quest 2 headset, and you’ll find people buying the 256 GB Quest 2 for under 450 dollars. The price was higher than five hundred dollars at its peak, and it has become somewhat of a more affordable option. 

These price changes further impacted Meta’s headset shipments, dropping from a valuation of over 4 million to a measly 300k. While gamers are happy that they can get their hands on the Quest Pro headset for a cheaper price tag, this change also stirred up a lot of confusion. 

Some speculate that Meta is about to launch a new VR headset, while others believe they had trouble with customer retention. Either way, the fact remains that you can now get a phenomenal piece of gaming equipment for under 1000 dollars. 

Why Did Meta Offer This 30 Percent Price Cut?

Considering the inflation and the manufacturing cost behind Quest Pro (which was the initial reason behind the price hike in 2022), it doesn’t seem like a smart business move to cut the prices. The Meta Quest 3 won’t be released till the end of this year, and it is far too early for Meta to be clearing the Quest Pro inventory. 

Meta has already lost billions in its pursuit of the best VR headset. While the Quest Pro and Quest 2 are excellent, the prices didn’t make sense. A spokesperson from Meta’s research department mentioned that “customers are smart and find a way to get what they want for a lower price.”

Meta is trying to desperately retain customers with the new 999.99 $ price tag. The decrease in sales after Christmas has left a bad taste, and this price cut might just bring the customer’s interest back to Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2. Only time can tell whether or not this was a smart business move. 

Is It For Gaming?

While the initial launch for Meta Quest Pro and previous versions underscored the importance of these headsets for business purposes (like arranging virtual meetings), the interest on the gaming side of things has been the highest. 

The specs, comfort, and battery life make it perfect for gaming. The only thing that deterred people from putting their money into Meta Quest Pro and the Quest 2 was the price tag. Gamers weren’t willing to expand their budget above the 1000-dollar price range for a few improvements. 

However, this sudden price change might bring the interest back, making the Meta Quest Pro VR headset more affordable for a wider customer base. The community was already in love with the premium presentation and felt of this product, and now they can enjoy an affordable price tag as well. 

Here are the listed specifications for your convenience. 

  • RAM 12 GB
  • Storage 256 GB
  • Resolution 1800*1920 (per-eye)
  • Refresh Rate 90 Hz
  • Optics Pancake Lenses
  • CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+
  • Battery Life 2 Hours

These specs put it far above the majority of other headsets that you’ll find on the market. Still, PSVR and PSVR 2 are great alternatives with their comfier and robust presences. So, there is no need to limit your focus on Meta Quest Pro alone, and looking towards other options might be a better idea. 

PSVR 2 VS Meta Quest Pro

Both PSVR 2 and Meta Quest Pro are amazing. However, even with the price cut, you’ll have to play almost twice as much with the Meta Quest Pro when comparing it with the PSVR 2 (which is around 550 dollars). 

SpecificsPSVR 2Meta Quest Pro
Pricing (dollars)5501000
FOV110 Degrees106 Degrees
Refresh Rate~ 120 Hz peak~ 90 Hz peak
Resolution (per eye)2000 * 2040 1800 * 1920

After going through these specifics, you will clearly come to understand that the PSVR 2 is the superior option. The only area where the Meta Quest Pro will take the lead is comfort. Gamers found the Meta Quest Pro has a better feel and is more comfortable for more extended periods. 

However, the better FOV, the improved refresh rate, and the unprecedented resolution of PSVR2 make it the ideal option for gamers. There isn’t any need to go out of budget on the Meta Quest Pro if you’re aiming for an optimized gaming setup. 

The Takeaway

The sudden drop in Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2 headset prices has left people confused, especially gamers who were working with a smaller budget. Many people regained their interest in this VR headset because of its comfort and design. 

While it is not explicitly designed for gaming, no one can deny its impressive specifications and comfort. This move by Meta might have made it viable for gamers to seriously consider adding Meta Quest Pro to their gaming setup. 

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