Apex Legends players ask for hardware bands after the recent cheater outbreak

When you’re talking about the game mechanics and unique abilities, Apex legends will maintain one of the more secure spots on the market. This game has been out for years and still captivates countless players from games like CS:GO, Fortnite, and PUBG. 

The best thing about Apex legends is that no OP items or broken characters have ruined the player experience. However, regarding moderating the game and banning the cheaters, Respawn might have dropped the ball. 

Players commonly plague multiplayer games with different cheats, but quick action from the developers helps contain the cheater outbreak. However, it has been weeks, and Respawn has yet to take any action regarding the intrusive cheaters. 

Community Discussions

The Apex Legends subreddit and several fan community forums discuss hackers plaguing this game. Whether it is using an aimbot or intrusive cheats, you’ll find every type of complaint on the community forums. 

Some Apex Legends players have entirely given up on the game, while others continue pleading with Respawn to hardware ban these hackers. Intrusive cheats that allow the players to completely empty out their inventories and force reload should deserve an instant ban. Well, it has been weeks, and there is still no word from Respawn. 

This confusion has left players stuck in the casual mode only, as they are scared to lose their rank by coming across a hacker (which is expected in the game’s current state). It is not rare to see rants and players saying that the security system in place is a complete “joke.” While it might seem harsh, it is reasonable for the Apex Legends players to be frustrated regarding this plague of cheaters. 

Fans are ridiculing the game servers, sending support tickets, and uninstalling Apex permanently to avoid these hackers. It is hard to find a single post with good community sentiment on Apex Legends and its servers. 

The Most Intrusive Cheat

The “constant reloading” hack can be considered the most intrusive cheat, as you’ll lose all control of your character. It will start to reload repeatedly, and you will not land a single shot on the enemy. Even if you have a full magazine and there aren’t any bullets missing, the character will be stuck in a reload loop. 

This type of hack is unheard of in other games, and players are appalled by the fact that Respawn didn’t ban these hackers right away. These hacks should call for a permanent hardware band, and there aren’t any other methods to fix this outbreak. 

However, Respawn has yet to do anything up to this point regarding banning cheaters, and the competitive scene is plagued with these players. You will not be able to rank up in the current environment, and there is a real possibility of running into a hacker from the get-go. 

Similarly, the hack for emptying out the player inventory maintains the same sentiment as the cheaters will be “remotely” controlling your character. This situation has left players wondering whether or not there is a point in pursuing the competitive high or a casual session in Apex Legends. 

Is There Any Workaround or Outplay for These Hacks?

Regarding standard cheats like aimbots or wall hacks, players somehow compete with exceptional skill and game awareness. Whether it is by using the player’s abilities or better weapons, it is common for professional players to beat cheaters. 

However, when you’re talking about these intrusive cheats, there is minimal or no outplay that can be structured by even the best players in Apex Legends. You can’t do anything when the hacker controls your character, as you can’t fire a single shot. 

The only thing that you can do is run and hide while the hacker hunts you down. Even when you successfully hide, you will have to face the hacker in the end game, leading to the same situation of the ultimate loss. 

Sadly, there isn’t anything that you can do to beat these cheaters, and their population is rising by the given minute. It might be time to switch over to other games, as the response from Respawn has been underwhelming, to say the least. 

Any Recent Word From Respawn?

Since the ban of 355,000 players in 2019, Respawn lost track of the server’s security. There have been no significant moves by this organization to help maintain the quality experience in Apex Legends. Similarly, despite thousands of reports for players, the organization has been relatively quiet, and there have been no “quick fixes.” 

Either the developers have lost interest in this game, or they need help fixing these intrusive hacks. Still, one thing is clear the majority of the player base will be quitting Apex Legends and switching back to more traditional competitive games like CS: GO or Valorant even. 

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